3 Advantages of Franchising a Goddard School

by Goddard School Franchise

Three Advantages of Franchising a Goddard School: Entrepreneur Outlook

As many entrepreneurs know, starting a business takes a significant amount of hard work, hours, and money. Rather than taking on the investment—and the risk—solo, it often makes good sense to become part of a reputable franchise, like The Goddard School. The advantages of franchising with Goddard’s established and trusted brand are numerous, ranging from the accessibility of a built-in customer base and a proven business model to a robust support system, training opportunities, and much more.

1. Stable Industry and Demand:

With the demand for early childhood education constantly growing, choosing to become a franchise business owner in this industry is a wise choice for entrepreneurs: The market size topped $60.4 billion in 2022 and is expected to rise at a rate of 4.18 percent between 2023 and 2030, according to Grand View Research. Furthermore, Grand View Research also reports that through the COVID-19 pandemic, the childcare market saw 86 percent growth from 2020 to 2021. 

From social-emotional development and the predictability of a daily routine to the chance to develop independence in a safe environment and kindergarten readiness, there are countless reasons why families are consistently choosing high-quality early childhood education. Simply put, it’s worth the investment to help put future generations on a path to success.

Over the last 30 years, Goddard has grown to support more than 70,000 students and their families in over 600 schools across 38 states. The 82 percent parent loyalty rate is yet another indicator that The Goddard School business model works. When parents know their child is safe, happy, and learning, in a consistent and reliable childcare setting, they can better focus on their daily work. 

2. Proven Business Model and Reduced Risk:

While starting a business of any kind takes a certain amount of risk, the benefits of franchising with Goddard begin with our proven business model. Backed by decades of experience and a strong, play-based curriculum design by educational experts, each Goddard School franchise starts with support, guidance and training in virtually every aspect of the business.

Our program helps reduce the risk of starting a new venture, which is especially beneficial for first-time franchisees. We start with assisting in finding the perfect, market-based location based on extensive research, guiding new franchisees through our site selection process to lay the foundation for a successful community Goddard School.

Because we believe that when you open a Goddard School, you are operating a business for yourself—but not by yourself—our extensive professional resources will always be at your fingertips. From instructional program development, operations and digital marketing to enrollment, occupancy support and more, our team of professionals are ready to help your school thrive.

Finally, more than three decades of earned respect in the early childhood education industry means that a Goddard School franchise comes with a built-in customer base of families familiar with our brand in high-demand markets across the country.

3. Entrepreneurial Fulfillment and Community Impact:

One of the greatest advantages of franchising with The Goddard School, however, is the sense of fulfillment our business owners feel, both financially and based on the impact of their local communities.

The average Goddard School owner is a successful professional who is too young to retire, weary of corporate life and looking for a more fulfilling career option. They have a true passion for early childcare education and supporting the families in their community the best way they can. Whether they come from an education background, see a need to be filled, or are looking for a career that allows them the chance to make a positive impact, the commonality is that Goddard School owners care.

Samara and Imran Ahmad, who previously had careers in investment banking and Wall Street, own two Goddard Schools in Long Hill Township, NJ and Clinton, NJ . Their children attended a local Goddard School and they liked the learning environments The Goddard School provided and wanted to give back to the parents in the local community. Even though Samara and Imran came from different career backgrounds, they felt supported starting a business, “Goddard has the resources, they have the systems in place, and that helped us build ourselves up to being business owners,” said Samara Ahmad. Imran added, “The educational support and the overall operational guidance is phenomenal. We just love doing what we do because when we come to work, every day is different. We’re building something for our family and our community.”

From its position in a stable, in-demand industry to reduced risk thanks to a proven business model to its profound fulfillment and community impact, choosing to start a business with The Goddard School franchise just makes sense for many entrepreneurs. Are you ready to combine the benefits of business ownership with the satisfaction of making a meaningful difference? Tap the link to learn more about our currently available opportunities.

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