Top 5 Reasons to Own a Goddard School Franchise

Joining the Goddard family as a franchisee means that you’ll not only have access to a proven business system, but you’ll also have the opportunity to cultivate a lifetime love of learning in children. 

The Goddard School Franchise is backed by over 35  years of experience and a dedicated leadership team that helps franchisees build successful businesses while creating a meaningful impact on their community. If you’ve been wondering why you should consider opening a franchise, here are the top five reasons to start your business with The Goddard School.


Reason #1: Financial Stability and a Rewarding Career

Opening a Goddard School franchise is so much more than starting a business. Goddard School franchisees gain personal and professional satisfaction by delivering excellent early childhood education as a means to achieve financial stability. The Goddard School, backed by its proven business model and educational curriculum, comes with limitless potential for financial success, giving the franchisees the rare opportunity to build a legacy of their own as part of a reputable, established educational institution.

Reason #2: High Demand for Quality Early Childhood Education

Today more than ever parents recognize the importance of quality early childhood education, as it lays the educational foundation for their child's future academic success. As a Goddard School franchisee, you are catering to this growing demand, which comes with unlimited potential for long-term growth and financial stability, making it a recession-resistant business. The childcare industry is valued at $61 billion in 2022 and is forecasted to reach $83.6 billion by 2030, indicating significant growth opportunities. However, the demand for quality childcare already exceeds available slots, with 3.6 million children lacking access to childcare in 2021, highlighting the urgent need for reliable and reputable providers like The Goddard School.

Reason #3: Proven Business Model and Brand Reputation

Since 1988, The Goddard School has been a leader in early childhood education with an impeccable track record of stability and growth. The Goddard School Franchise is a proven business model with our stellar brand recognition that inspires confidence and trust among parents and communities. Joining a longstanding, established franchise system offers access to a wide array of invaluable assets, like a tried and true curriculum, effective marketing resources, and a beautifully crafted, widely-recognized brand identity.

Reason #4: Comprehensive Training and Ongoing Support

For prospective franchisees who are wondering how to open a franchise, The Goddard School ensures that you are supported every step of the way. Our dedicated team offers comprehensive support from selecting the ideal location to training, ensuring your preschool franchise's success. Backed by a supportive network, you'll benefit from proven marketing strategies, attracting parents and retaining students for a thriving environment. We provide continuous operational guidance as you grow as a franchisee, while our finance department handles all financial needs with expertise, including a smooth liaison process, granting you peace of mind throughout the venture.

Reason #5: Make a Difference Within Your Community

What sets The Goddard School apart from other franchise opportunities, beyond its impeccable reputation and ongoing support, is the ability franchisees have to make a difference in the lives of children and families throughout the greater community. A child’s educational experience is shaped not only by teachers and learning experiences, but by family engagement which is why The Goddard School strives to foster strong relationships between parents, guardians, and staff, creating a strong, individualized support system. 

Through family and faculty partnerships, children come to understand the meaning of community, as well as a sense of social responsibility and empathy. Children learn first and foremost by example, and by witnessing parents, guardians, and teachers working together,  they will begin to do the same with their peers.

On a broader level, opening a Goddard School franchise delivers incredible economic benefits to your community. Each Goddard School location creates jobs and employment opportunities for local residents. It offers working parents a reputable and trustworthy childcare option that ensures peace of mind while they pursue their careers.



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