Daycare Franchise Cost

Opening a Goddard School or purchasing an existing location involves some substantial investments, depending on location. Between franchise fees, opening costs and post-opening costs, our owners typically invest between $879,950 - 1,229,950 to open their franchise.

A Solid Financial Foundation

Franchise costs are an essential consideration for anyone interested in opening a preschool or daycare franchise. The cost of a daycare franchise can vary and depends on the specific franchise and its requirements. When you join the Goddard School Family, we understand that it requires a significant financial commitment, but our system track record speaks for itself. The foundation you provide allows your School to flourish within our roadmap of success. It is essential to carefully evaluate the cost of a franchise and ensure it fits your objectives and needs.

Three kinds of financial investments are required to own and operate a Goddard School. They include the following:


Initial Franchise Cost & Support Fees

$260K - $280K

These initial costs include a franchise fee, training fee, initial marketing fee, site development assistance fee and other administrative costs. 

School Opening Costs

$475K - $647K

School opening costs include furniture, equipment, curricular materials, marketing materials, computer systems, security systems and other miscellaneous expenses.  These exclude real estate, which depends primarily upon building size, location, configuration, financing, and other details outlined in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Post-Opening Costs

$144K - $302K

Post-opening costs include accreditation expenses, rent and payroll expenses.

Why Invest in A Goddard School?

Families are finding it harder to find high-quality early education and care.  This is creating significant issues for families, employers and communities.  By operating a Goddard School you will have a positive impact on not only your family but the community you serve.



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