Owning a Franchise

The foundation of a successful Goddard School is to first become an inspired teaching and learning environment. Prospective owners must be committed to building the lasting relationships necessary to foster a lifelong love of learning. 

Who are Goddard School owners?

They’re people just like you: successful professionals who are too young to retire, weary of corporate life, looking for a more fulfilling career or simply eager to run their own business. 

Our owners are people who have life goals and chase fulfillment both professionally and personally. Owning a Goddard School franchise provides the opportunity to be part of a highly respected, sought after and rewarding community of educational business owners that make a lasting difference, while also making a healthy financial return.

Goddard School franchise owners thrive best when developing strong professional connections with children, parents, staff and other Goddard School franchises—letting their passion for childhood development and pride in our brand speak earnestly with every interaction. 

Franchisee Spotlight

Goddard Owners: Leisa Byars

When Leisa opened her first Goddard School location in 2010, it was at the end of an economic recession in the United States. As the country regained confidence, Leisa and her family capitalized by becoming a staple of their community. As a business leader of her Goddard School, Leisa’s curriculum goals were fully met by her formally-trained educational staff, allowing her to focus solely on the business aspect of her school.

With the flexibility that comes with owning a Goddard School franchise, Leisa was also able to focus on her family. She travels with and spends quality time with the people that matter most to her.

Watch Leisa’s video to learn more about her Goddard journey.

Goddard Owners: Jyoti & Gagan Verma

Jyoti and Gagan’s Goddard School story started when they were looking for an early childhood educational center for their daughter. After touring schools across their area, Jyoti had a realization: there’s a missing supply of high-quality childhood development centers in their area.

That realization was followed closely by another: she could help supply that need.

When Jyoti and Gagan opened their Goddard School location, they noticed the benefits immediately. They made a reliable income despite an uncertain national economic outlook. They relished helping their community on a daily basis. What’s more, they could do it all without ever having been trained in educational fields. They received everything they needed to start their own successful business.

Watch Jyoti and Gagan’s video to learn more about their Goddard journey.

Goddard Owners: Fran & Bryant Lubbs

When Fran was nine-years-old, she told her mother that she would own her own nursery school. After a number of years in the corporate world with her husband, Bryant, they were able to make that dream come true by opening a Goddard School. What they originally thought would be a hinderance or obstacle, they both immediately found their years of experience in other fields actually helped them find quick success. It allowed them to manage and build up their business in a comfortable way while following Goddard’s proven system.

They found their school to be an immediately rewarding venture. Financially, they earned significant freedom to live the lifestyle they desired. Community-wise, they discovered fulfillment in the faces of children who love to learn and parents who see their commitment every day.

Watch Fran and Bryant’s video to learn more about their Goddard journey. 

Your Journey Starts Here

Interested in joining the Goddard Family as a franchisee? Request more information to get the process started.

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