Why Choose a Goddard School Franchise

by Goddard School Franchise

The Goddard School franchise offers the unique opportunity to invest in a profitable business while providing the highest caliber of academically-endorsed early childhood education to families in your community. With a nationally recognized name, a reputation for excellence, and a robust support network, The Goddard School franchise is an excellent choice for anyone who values the chance to enrich the lives of children while investing in their own future.

Established Reputation

The Goddard School has garnered an exceptional reputation and is recognized as one of the country’s top childcare providers for children aged six weeks to six years. The Goddard family of franchisees is committed to delivering excellence at every turn, adhering to the highest possible standards to uphold the integrity of the Goddard brand.

Strong Brand Recognition

Established by Anthony A. Martino in 1988, The Goddard School franchise has more than 30 years of childcare franchise experience. To date, there are over 600 Goddard Schools operating across 38 states, building loyalty and earning an outstanding reputation among parents and children alike.

Proven Business Model

The Goddard School is one of the country’s top franchise systems because it is based on a proven business model. Investing in a Goddard School franchise ensures that you won’t waste time or money finding a strategy that works because The Goddard team has already developed the recipe for success.

Comprehensive Support

When you invest in a Goddard School franchise, you’re never alone. You’ll gain access to an extensive support network of invaluable professional resources.

Site Selection Assistance

Using data and analytics, our real estate team provides site selection assistance to guide you in finding the most desirable and potentially profitable location for a new Goddard School.

Training and Professional Development

The Goddard School extensive training and professional development programs are designed to help ensure your success for you and your staff. You’ll have access to instructional program development, enrollment and occupancy support, operations, and so much more.

Marketing and Advertising Support

The Goddard School provides franchisees with marketing and advertising support designed to help you attract new families and promote your School. Our experienced team will assist you with everything from website design to direct mail campaigns, including print ads and social media marketing.

Commitment to Quality

At The Goddard School we attribute our success and success of our franchise systems to our commitment to quality in all that we do.

Play-Based Learning 

At The Goddard School, children are immersed in an academically endorsed, play-based learning approach that encourages hands-on experience and exploration.

Exclusive F.L.EX.® Learning Program

The Goddard School’s F.L.EX® Learning Program (Fun Learning EXperience) is designed to meet the unique needs of each and every child. This approach gives children the freedom to learn beyond a traditional lesson plan as teachers incorporate organic, real-life experiences that help  develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and other important skills in The Goddard School’s safe, nurturing environment.

Accreditation and Continuous Improvement

The Goddard School franchise is proud to be accredited by Coniga and P21. What sets us apart is our  commitment to continuous improvement. As a franchise owner, you can feel confident in knowing  that you are providing high-quality, academically endorsed education to the children in your care.

Growing Industry

Early childhood education is a growing industry, and there are tremendous benefits in investing in a Goddard School franchise. To invest in education is to contribute to shaping our future.

Increasing Demand for Early Childhood Education

With a seemingly endless and increasing demand for high-quality early childhood education as more parents enter the workforce, there is an  enormous potential for growth and high returns..


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