The best brands have the best leaders.
The Goddard School leadership team proves it.


The Goddard School Franchise’s senior leadership team guides and shapes the company while working with the support team to provide franchisees with the tools they need to sustain and grow their businesses. The team brings an extensive background of franchising and business expertise along with many years of experience helping franchisees build their businesses.

The Goddard School Franchise’s senior leadership team guides and shapes the company while working with the support team to provide franchisees with the tools they need to sustain and grow their businesses. The team brings an extensive background of franchising and business expertise along with many years of experience helping franchisees build their businesses.

Executive Team

Joe Shumacher



With nearly 40 years of franchise industry experience, Joseph Schumacher is the CEO of Goddard Systems, Inc., franchisor of The Goddard School®, and is responsible for overseeing the continued growth and development for the leading early education franchise system with more than 400 locations nationwide. Schumacher’s journey in the franchise world began at Maaco, where he developed a passion for law administration and finished his career at Maaco as Director of Legal Administration. After leaving Maaco, Schumacher went into private law, working with esteemed brands such as McDonald’s, Auntie Anne’s, GNC and others; gaining valuable insights into the inner workings of the franchise model and especially the nuances of litigation, arbitration and regulatory matters in the franchise space.

In 2007, he joined Goddard Systems, Inc. as COO, calling upon his vast wealth of knowledge and expertise he had accumulated over the years in working with other well-known franchise brands. His acumen in the operational sphere of the business, combined with his keen ability to create strong franchisee relations, made him an optimal candidate for the CEO position just two years later. A firm believer in responsible growth, and not growth for growth’s sake, Schumacher encourages franchisees to voice their opinions and take an active role in the development of the company. He is committed to ensuring franchisees and the educators they work with have optimal corporate support so they may have all the resources and tools necessary for success. One of Schumacher’s favorite quotes is “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” by George Bernard Shaw – fitting for the CEO of an early education franchise with the mission, “Learning for Fun. Learning for Life.®

Robert Scopinich



With 13 years as CFO of Goddard Systems, Inc. (GSI), Bob Scopinich is responsible for overseeing the financial structure and organization of the company, as well as developing strategy and forecasting for the company’s financial future. He has spent nearly 20 years in the financial industry, working in a variety of fields including professional services and investments.

Before joining GSI, Bob worked at Deloitte, one of the “Big Four” professional services firms providing audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management and tax related services to its clients. After spending five years with Deloitte, Bob joined Wind River Holdings, a privately owned investment company which provides its operating companies with strategic direction, support and capital. Bob was introduced to the GSI brand while on the team at Wind River that finalized the GSI acquisition. Bob joined GSI as CFO at an impressive 30 years of age, after spending almost 10 years in the financial services industry, bringing with him the experience and passion gained from his previous professional ventures.

Bob is committed to the steady expansion of GSI by placing focus on the company’s franchisees. In 2010, Bob led the launch of a brand new operating system, allowing the company and franchisees access to vital information online through one, easy-to-use system. In addition, he is currently in the process of furthering this online access by creating a digital portfolio for smoother accessibility to all school related information. With his combined two decades of solid experience, Bob continues to bring innovative ideas to GSI, ensuring the brand’s steady and responsible financial growth.

Jim DiRugeris

Jim DiRugeris

Vice President, Franchise Development

Jim DiRugeris is Vice President of Franchise Development at Goddard Systems, Inc. and is responsible for overseeing the continued growth of the brand while strategizing innovative ways to reach new markets and potential franchisees.

Before joining Goddard Systems Inc., Jim worked with Driven Brands in various roles for nearly eight years, most recently as the Vice President of Development. Jim was instrumental in implementing new measurable processes designed to increase efficiency, urgency and drive accountability, resulting in record growth for Driven Brands in new licenses awarded and new center openings. Jim is committed to growing Goddard Systems, Inc. responsibly and thus diligently vets potential franchisees. His keen ability to recognize qualities in prospective franchise candidates that align with Goddard Systems, Inc. is exemplified through the quality of franchise operators that ultimately join and help grow the Goddard system.

With nearly a decade of franchise industry experience and having worked in both the franchise development and real estate side of the business, Jim is in a prime position to scale Goddard System Inc.’s growth to new heights.

Rich Agar


Vice President, Operations

Rich Agar serves as Vice President of Operations at Goddard Systems, Inc. (GSI). As the Vice President of Operations, he oversees three teams that support the Schools: Openings & Resales, Growth & Intervention and Steady-State Operations. Before joining GSI, Rich served as Vice President of Franchise Operations for the Hertz Corporation. He has also held senior management positions in operations, franchise development and real estate at School of Rock, Party City, Blockbuster and the Marriott Corporation.

Paul Koulogeorge


Vice President, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

As Vice President of Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations at Goddard Systems, Inc. (GSI), Paul Koulogeorge is responsible for leading marketing strategy and developing innovative advertising plans to communicate the brand promise of The Goddard School to potential franchisees and the families of potential enrollees nationwide.

Before joining GSI, Paul worked with DFC Global Corp. in various roles for nine years, most recently as the Vice President of Global Marketing. Paul developed DFC’s first global marketing strategy and coordinated its implementation across 10 countries which grew revenue, lowered costs and increased new customer acquisition. Paul was also instrumental in developing an omni-channel marketing strategy that included the launch of DFC’s first website and mobile app, which allowed consumers to purchase financial products over the internet. Previously, Paul served as Vice President of Marketing for EB Games as well as Director of Marketing for The Coca-Cola Company.

Paul is committed to positively impacting GSI and The Goddard School preschool system by effectively communicating with consumers and anticipating their needs. His plans include developing a targeted market segmentation plan that will significantly affect the way The Goddard School message resonates with potential franchisees as well as with the families of potential enrollees. Paul’s passion for franchising, coupled with the proven Goddard School preschool system, is instrumental in his plan to reach a wider audience through the use of PR, social media, digital media and traditional media. With more than 25 years of marketing experience in the consumer, retail and financial industries, Paul is dedicated to bringing his ideas and passion to The Goddard School preschool system with a goal to communicate The Goddard School difference to families around the country.

Craig Bach

Craig Bach, PH.D.

Vice President, Education

With more than 12 years of experience in higher education, Craig Bach, Ph.D. currently serves as the Vice President of Education for Goddard Systems, Inc., the corporate headquarters of The Goddard School Franchise. He received his doctorate from the Group in Logic and Methodology of Science at U. C. Berkeley, and his areas of expertise include learning assessment, learning analytics, philosophy of mathematics and instructional technologies. Craig also served as Drexel University's Vice Provost for Institutional Research, Assessment and Effectiveness. Prior to Drexel, he served as the Vice President of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness at Kaplan Higher Education where he managed five teams working on assessment, research, analytics, data management and performance measurement.

Educational Advisory Board

Kyle Pruett



Kyle D. Pruett, M.D, is a clinical professor of Child Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine. An internationally known child psychiatrist and expert on children, family relationships, and fathers, he has been a trusted advisor to The Goddard Schools since 1998. Dr. Pruett has the unique ability to share his medical knowledge and other information in plain English, which makes him highly sought after by the media, government agencies and the business community. Dr. Pruett is a prominent author of award-winning books, including “Me, Myself, and I,” “The Nurturing Father,” and “Partnership Parenting: How Men and Women Parent Differently - Why it Helps Your Kids and Can Strengthen Your Marriage.” Dr. Pruett is a frequent contributor to national publications including The Washington Post, Good Housekeeping, Parents, and Parenting. He is also the host of the Lifetime TV Series, “Your Child 6 to 12” and serves as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies Goldman Sachs, Ropes and Gray and Robert Wood Johnson.




Dr. Jipson uses her expertise to help create different ways to support preschool children’s development and learning. She is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and Child Development at California Polytechnic State University.

Jack Maypole



Jack Maypole, M.D., is the director of pediatrics at the South End Community Health Center and the Comprehensive Care Program at Boston Medical Center. He is also an assistant professor of pediatrics at Boston University School of Medicine. In his practice, Dr. Maypole’s interests include caring for children with complex and chronic illness, such as neurodevelopment problems and complications of premature infancy, as well as the challenges of high risk children who have nutritional or social concerns. Dr. Maypole’s blog on pediatrics is very popular with parents, pediatricians and educators. He also contributes articles on child health matters to magazines and websites, including Curiosityville and l-rn. Dr. Maypole trained at Yale Medical School and completed his residency and chief residency in the Boston Combined Residency in Pediatrics (Boston Medical Center and Children's Hospital).

Lee Scott



Lee Scott is a well-respected business and education consultant with more than 25 years of experience in program and curriculum development, early childhood education services, professional development, after-school programs, assessment of young children and supplemental educational programs. She has been a consultant to The Goddard School for the past five years. Lee was a senior officer and business developer for Primrose Schools, Sylvan Learning Systems and Connecting with Kids where she developed curriculum products as well as programs for parents in character education, online instruction, after-school programs, preschool education and children’s entertainment. She has launched strategic partnerships on a variety of family-oriented projects with National Geographic Society, Scholastic Publishing, Discovery School, and others.

Seeta Pai

Seeta Pai


Dr. Pai is well-versed in all aspects of social/educational programming and management. She previously served as the VP of Research at Common Sense Media, where she led their independent research program, directing several studies on children’s media use.